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Your Shoulder

Cherry lips I don’t have
But they speak nothing but praise for you
I am not as graceful as a princess
Yet I can be the gentle arm that catches you when you fall
A pretty face I do not have
But a heart full of love can give you good cheer
Know this and be not afraid
You have me, your shoulder

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Getting Comfortable

He tells a joke no friend of mine would dare tell me
Yet I take no offense because it really is nothing you see
I guess I may have learned along the way
Or it’s just him making me feel this way

It gets so easy to feel so at ease
I don’t want the moment to stop or cease
I long for his hugs and the warmth of his embrace
I like the comfort of him
An addiction unlikely to end soon

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Old Friend

Take me back down memory lane
But I don’t want to stay there
I’ve been stuck there for too long
Time to get up and move along

Yet nothing pleases me more than to see you happy
Are you happy now?
Because I pray that you are

My heart!
Yes, my heart is still breaking
But I’m trying to heal
And I know I can only completely do so with you around

See, although our friendship hasn’t been that long
I feel like we’re two old souls
Who have been together for a lifetime
Lost at sea
And found each other again

I pray the awkwardness will soon end
Because I really miss the chats we used to have

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Pick You Up

People will misunderstand you

Tell lies until you’ve lost what’s true

Some will break you, will bring false hope

They will drive you insane until you’re at the end of your rope

They will step on you, bring you down

They’ll laugh at you, make you a foolish clown

But when you’re at the brink of giving up

I’d like you to take a moment and stop

And remember me

I’d like you to really see

That someone is always here and there for you

That’s no lie, that is the truth

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Hello Again Friend

Made me glow

Made me smile

Yes, it has been a while

A little teasing, like how we used to

Getting back on a friendship almost lost


I gave up thinking you want no more

You showed me otherwise

Happy we’re getting back on track

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Where’s The Friend?

I like hanging out with you

I miss our small talks and conversations

We both have been so busy lately

I’d like a chance to be with you alone

To talk about anything, everything

Or keep silent and just let it all set in


Where’s the friend I’ve come to know?

The friend I’ve come to love

The friend whom I’ve shared my secrets with

Where’s the friend who understood and actively listened to my talks?

The friend who took heart and remembered all the details of the things I’ve shared


Where’s that friend?

My friend

Let’s talk once more

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I’ve never been a fan, not much of a hater

though I never truly thought of it as art

Preferred those who were without it

like how I preferred those who did not smoke

He was completely the opposite

of my ideal guy

But then again what are ideals?

than mere thoughts and fantasies


He was real, as real as can be

he had tattoo all over his back and upper arms

Yet, fonder I grew of him

His honesty and stories, captured me

his charisma, his smile, his friendliness

All bottled into one, which is him

His voice, as he sings, echoes to my ears


The tattoos, that he thinks of as art

I’ve come to accept as it is

as a part of him, as a symbol of himself

I admired him, liked him, fell for him

fell deep, fell hard


Now, here I am, alone and without

thinking of his smile, his voice

and those tattoos