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We Weren’t 

I loved him

I did

But we weren’t meant to be more than what we were

We had to part ways

And intersections we come across 

A smile, familiarity

Friendliness and happiness

I was sad when we couldn’t be

But now, I could never be happier

From The Heart

I hope you know that I care, truly
Yes, I do

I only want to be there when you need a friend
A shoulder you can lean on
I sometimes want to wrap my arms around you
Make you feel comforted

I hope you know
I truly care for you

Break His Heart

He told me
I laughed at him
He’s just a friend, you see
He does not see though

I will break his heart
For it’s the right thing to do


You care,
You understand me truly

You know me well,
With you in my life, I am happy

Friends remain when they are true
And I know that true means you

Thank you for the years
Truly, thank you

I forgot how to smile
You forgot how to rhyme
I felt our skins rot
Our flesh peeling off

It’s been a while, my friend
More than a decade or two
We have crossed many rainbows
But I guess there’s just one more

Maria Michaela

He’s Into Him

I wished on a falling star
To keep my distance and his not too far
I wished he’d notice me
Despite the many fish in the sea
I wished he’d know
What I feel is true
But all of this is just a wish
Because I am just a friend of his
And if he were to do something at a whim
He wouldn’t choose me over him

Our Friendship

Friend oh friend you are indeed
The one that’s true until the end
Our friendship started like a mere seed
And now…it has since grown

See You

A chapter is filled and so we must start a new one
It is never easy to part with friends
But I know we will forever be bounded by the mutual love we have for each other

Not That Special

I am just another girl
Another face
Another friend

I thought I could be the special one
The best
I guess I’m not that special after all

Worse Than A Broken Heart

I’m sorry she got mad at you
I’m sorry that made you feel blue
I know you love her
And your love for her is true

I only wanted a part of you
A part that loved me for who I am
The part that loves me
As a friend
I know I can only be your friend
And I’m fine with that
Because if we cease to be as such
That would be worse than any broken heart

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