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To Be Tamed

They think she’s wild and needs to be tamed

So they all try to come with ropes, give her a name

The more they intimidate her, the more she fights it

The more they pressure her, the more she hates it

They misunderstand because they don’t want to understand

She doesn’t need to be tamed, she just need to be left as she is

Fly Once More 

Spread your wings


Feel the air

Get up, go!

Fly away

Fly towards the sky and the moon

This Is Freedom

Watch me fly
Up to the sky
I touch the clouds
The rainbows
I feel scared and happy
All at once

It took a while for dark clouds to part
Now I am ready for a fresh start
I’ve learned
I’ve changed for the better

My smile is sweeter
And I am content
This is where I leave my worries


To reach out and touch the clouds
Extend your hands out
Oh that feeling

Run your fingers through clear water
Let it dance
Enjoy the moment
Let it last

Stretch out your limbs
Oh blissful freedom!

Be Free

I ride away

Not into the sunset but into the sunrise

On my pink buggy

I let my hair down

I feel free


coffee over tea, the milk and the honey bee

enjoying freedom of your own

the roses are redder, the tulips are sweeter

the young pursue the world

that first breath of fresh air, incomparable


a smile from a face in the crowd

a helping hand from a stranger

the blue sky opens possibility so great

then there’s a baby’s sigh, tiny innocence

child’s laughter over a new guitar


great things come in small packages

and are always free

so here’s one I’ll share

for you and me

Humming Bird

soft, sweet hummingbird flying with the breeze

took me by surprise it did

as it fluttered and whispered to my ear


I loved its freedom and the way it sang

while keeping busy to its task


colorful and wonderful

full of life and energy

I wish to fly and flutter free such as you


a wondrous creature

magnetic and enigmatic

I sure would like be just like it

Freedom Stallions

pretty white stallions prancing in the rain

if only I could join them

and cut off this chain


they gallop to the meadows  and towards the river

if only I could get out

get rid of this fever


I watch them move from here to there

free as can be

to roam everywhere


take me out, please set me free

I want to be

as free as I’ll ever be

Don Charisma

because anything is possible with Charisma

unbolt me

the literary asylum

Rishita Sanya

What has to happen will happen...

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