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Done Searching

If I were to have my way
If it were as easy as one, two, three
I’d pick you at any given day
Yes, that easy, just you and me

But I have a long, long way to go
A year is still so far off
And just so you know
It’s not meant as a scoff
Or to tell you I won’t wait
Because you are worth every minute
Worth to be my future mate
My future, yes! I see you in it!

But it’s not yet time
I can’t call you mine, not yet
If you’re not the one though,
I will no longer search
I won’t look
Because if it’s time, whoever he is will find me
I just hope it is you 😁

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By Accident

By accident, I came upon knowing
A love that is worth having

By accident he touched my hand
I felt a spark which was somewhat grand

By accident I came to know a man I didn’t quite notice before
How could I when I wasn’t looking anymore?

By accident he captured my heart
I’m not yet in love, but it seems this is the start

With all the accidents, one thing I know is sure
Falling in love with him is the only cure

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How is it that I stumbled upon you?
You give great mornings as I start anew.
I don’t want to rush things, I know I should wait.
I know the end will be great!
I pray you show some signs at least,
So my doubts can cease.

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Kaplag (Found)

Sa wala damha,
Kalit nga na kaplagan ka
Ug ako nakapangutana
Nganong wala ka mabantayi saona?

Wala ko makakita sa imoha
Wala ta ka pangitaa
Apan, ako imo nahikaplagan
Ug naghuwat lang makit-an

Karon nga ako na nahibaw-an
Dili na matabunan
Kini ang kamatuoran
Malipayon ko nga ikaw akong nakaplagan

Without knowing,
I suddenly found you
And I asked
Why haven’t I noticed you before?

I didn’t see you
I wasn’t looking for you
But you found me
Just waiting for me to notice you

Now that I know
It can’t be hidden
The truth is
I am overjoyed that I found you

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Have Yet To Be Found

Everyone else around seems to have a pair

While I’m like Cinderella’s shoe

Left behind on a solo flight

Not that I’m in a hurry

I’m taking things slow and easy

Waiting for you to arrive

And come into my life


Isn’t it a beauty? this little thing we have

What we have going on is hard to find

Breaks my heart knowing

That I am really still waiting

Until you find your way to me


Somehow I’m doing a hide and seek

Part of me hiding but wanting to be found as well

I can’t help wonder if you too are like that

Patience is the key and I’ve got time

So why worry?


If by chance I come across your way

I hope you’ll let me know

Because I can be so insensitive

And oblivious


Only time will tell

‘Cause you have yet to look for me

And I have yet to find you



About the poem: I’m a fan of Michael Buble. The man is just awesome. I love his song “Haven’t Met You Yet” and this has been my song choice these past few days. I got so inspired with the song and thought I’d write a poem more or less like it. This poem was greatly inspired by his song and I can only hope I did it justice 😉