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The Forgotten

I thought of it but I forgot

and so the page is blank

I tapped my pencil…

….one, two, three

but my brain is blank as ever.

I wrote it down but lost my rhythm

so a moment I paused

but the moment took forever

and now I’m back to square one.

the idea sprung out of nowhere

but my pencil was out of sight

I typed it in but just stared blank

again I have forgotten.

I stared at the ceiling

as if the idea would come falling

but it seems I may have stared too long,

since it looks like it’s melting.

I’ve racked my brains out

but still got nothing

so I ended writing a poem about fogetting

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The Errand

I was playing outside with my friends

when my mom called me over

She said, “I have an errand for you.

Listen to what I say, so come closer.”


She told me what she needed me to buy

and I repeated it in my mind then off I went to the store.

On my way I saw Gumamelas, so beautiful they are,

I counted them,” one, two, three and four.”

Then I saw Maya birds they move from tree to tree, chirping

with their black heads and lovely red feathers

They look so happy and free

there’s nothing like their beauty in this warm sunny weather.


Next I saw dragonflies, hovering like tiny helicopters

I also heard bees buzzing nearby, probably making honey.

I passed by some of my neighbor friends talking

I listened for a bit for the joke was truly funny.


At last I arrived at the sari-sari store

prepared to do what I was tasked.

The lady there stared at me as I scratched my head,

“What do you need?”, she asked

I kept thinking and I thought some more

but for the love of me, I could not remember anymore.

So I hung my head and headed back for home,

I’ll have to ask mom to write a list

I’m bound to forget the things she need

just like how I’ll forget this poem.



NOTE: Sari-Sari stores are convenient stores in the Philippines. It’s not a big establishment as it is mostly just one’s house with the front converted into a store where the items are displayed. Sari-sari means “variety” in Tagalog.

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because I forgot to tie my shoes

I forgot to tie my shoes

So I missed the bus

Because I missed the bus

I arrived late at school

Since I was late,

I was not able to pass my homework

As I was unable to pass my homework,

I did not get an A+

Because I did not get a good grade,

I did not become an honor student.

Since I was unable to be part of the honor roll

I did not get to be known at school

Since I was a great unknown,

No one voted for me to be class President.

I did not become class President

all because I forgot to tie my shoes.