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Hearts Beat

Some hearts are full

Some have lost almost all

Some hearts ache

Some hearts break

Some hearts want to no longer feel

Other hearts hurt but then learn to heal

Hearts can bend, break and fall

But hearts can also forgive and under the sun, stand tall

A Sinner Like Me

Why would I close my heart to you?
You who loved me true
Despite my sins and all the wrong I’ve done
You wash it all, cleaned my sins gone
Your sacrifice and forgiveness all to save me
Yet for most times this I do not see
You forgive me anyway
And continue to wait for me everyday
That is why I thank Thee
For Thy undying love

What’s Wrong?

Did I hurt you?

Did I do something wrong?

I feel guilty not knowing

Let me make it up to you


I can’t take feeling this

Forgive me

Forgive The Heart

forgive the heart that wants not you

for now it longs someone new

forgive the heart that was once yours

because now it’s about to walk out through those doors

forgive the heart that’s breaking your own

I never meant for you to be alone


it’s never easy to say goodbye

far worse when I see you cry

we both knew it would end

and I hoped we’d still be friends

when everything is said and done

I hope you can forgive this heart, that may be forever gone


I’m sorry I was not able to

write a poem for all of you

I had a tip from an insider

that my ever reliable internet provider

was having technical difficulties

So please accept my humblest apologies

I promise I’ll make it up

I’m hoping your support won’t stop

So here’s a cheer to you good folks

I’ll try to make it up with maybe some jokes


(I thought I would not be able to post today since the net was down last night. Good thing it’s now all good. I prepared this poem to make up in case I was not able to post ;))

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