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I haven’t forgotten about you

I haven’t forgotten your smile,

Precious and alluring.

I haven’t forgotten your laugh

Or your voice that’s powerful and soothing.

I try to replace all the traces of you

But I haven’t the slightest clue

No idea what to do.

©Maria Michaela

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Where Do You Bury The Dead?

A night blanketed by mist

Not like other nights that have past

Tonight is colder and quieter.


A hooded figure roams the empty streets

Door to door collecting what others have thrown away

Old relationships

Heartaches and heart breaks




Even happiness that others neglected

Memories they prefer not to look back to.


The unwanted feelings

Things that have been erased

The hooded figure takes them all

Bury them not in cemeteries

But someplace else.

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I’ve been going in circles since I decided to let you go

I’ve been forwards and backwards

Up and down

Inside out

Just to get away from my feelings for you.

You got me tongue tied

Heart beating a thousand miles an hour

But I’m through

Cause you’ve played me before

And I’m no longer playing the game.

So despite going in circles,

I know I’ll find my way out of it soon.

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A Different Rain

The rain washes away the pain

But sometimes it reminds me of it

The rain trickles down my window pane

Slowly erasing the past hurt

It reminds me of you

It reminds me of nothing 

It becomes as it is

Just the rain

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Ipanghatag (Give Away)

Wala ka ma ako 

Wala ko ma imo

Wala bisag asa or bisag unsaon pa nato.

Abi nako ug naa kay gibati para kanako

Ako diay nasayop.

Ang imong pagsungog kanako sa uban

Sinyalis na diay kadto.

Kung naa man gani kay pagbati saona

Karon na papas na, nahanaw, nawala.

Dako akong pagtuo nga ikaw na

Ikaw na jud unta, kung wala pa lang ko nimo gipanghatag.

Husto na,

Dili na,

Wagtangon ko na ang tanan

Samtang dili pa ingon ana ka grabe.

Ang akong gibati kanimo…..

….ako nalang pud ipanghatag sa hangin.


You were never mine

I was never yours

Nothing, nowhere, no matter which way you turn.

I thought you had feelings for me

But I was mistaken

How you tease me with someone else…

…I should have taken that as a sign.

If you did have feelings for me before

It has now been erased, forgotten, lost.

I really thought you were the one

You could have been, had you not given me away.

No more,

Not anymore,

I will stop and feel no more for you

I’ll do so while I’m not quite into deep yet.

My feelings for you….

….I will give this away to the wind too.

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Thinking Of Christmas

When I think of Christmas, I think of you
Of how you used to be
Or how we were

But the past we had was a sad one
One I no longer want to live

I still remember you on Christmas,
Just not like how it used to be.
I no longer long for the conversation
No longer wait for your reply

I still remember you on Christmas
But no longer how it felt before

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Missing Me?

Are you missing me now that I am over you?
Now that I no longer crave for your attention?

Are you missing me now that I no longer miss you?
Now that I am free from the thought of you?
Now that I see the foolishness of me that once was?

It’s just a thought that makes me wonder
If you ever think of missing me at all

Maria Michaela

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Used To

I used to cry for you
Out of nowhere
Out of the blue

You were my sweet embrace
That caused me bitterness
And now no more.
I have been replaced
I have been erased

I used to long for you
Turned gray clouds blue
Or so I thought

You were the nightmare masked as a dream come true
But I have learned and realized
My happiness doesn’t depend on you

I used to dream of you and I
I used to cry
Thought I would die

I used to think I needed you
But that’s just it
It is all just, “I used to”