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He said to wait

But never said for how long

I said I’d forget

In time

And yet, here I am


Dreamy Dreams

Hold me

Kiss me

Don’t ever let go

If dreams were made to last forever

Let this one go on

Forever Is A Lie


I hear it often

I see it less

It’s all a lie


And with a simple smile

He captured me forever

Waiting For Forever

You said forever, so I wait
I am waiting and waiting still
While forever may not be real
I know for sure eternity is
I will wait for your forever even if it may not come
Because I still have my eternity and maybe then you’ll come back

Maria Michaela


He was here
He felt like it was forever
But it was only for a moment
A day
A minute
A second
And he
He who felt could live forever
Went away

Why Is Forever?

Why is forever so hard to find?
I can wait, I really don’t mind
Why does it have to end?
Can’t we try to fix this and make amends?
Why did your heart lose the love?
The one I that I cared so much of
Why is forever gone with the wind?
My heart cries now when before it grinned
Tell me….why is forever?

For A Lifetime

My forever and ever

Or at least my for a lifetime

Is yet to be found


Who could he be?

Where could he be?

Is he the one in front of me?


Has he entered my life?

Or is yet to arrive?

Maybe he’s been hanging around

But now is not the right time yet


Is he looking for me too?

Is he waiting just like me?

Is he wondering who I could be just like I am wondering who he is?


So I look for the signs

And I wait for his arrival

The arrival of my other half

I hold forever in my hands

But I let go of it

For I only need a moment

Just a simple moment


Time does not have to stand still

It may come by faster than the speed of light

Still, I would not care

As long as I have that moment

That will be forever for me

Extra Life

I’ll never wish to live a thousand lives

I’ll never want immortality

I’d like to see myself grow old with grace

See the years pass on this face

I’ll never wish to be young forever

I’ll never want to live forever

I’d like to see the wrinkles of maturity

And die with great serenity

Age may just be a number

Yet I know my days are numbered

Still I will never ask for an extra life

Because this one is all I’ll ever want

The Darkest Tunnel

Find yourself in the Chaos

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