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Full Circle

The road takes me back to where I once was

But I notice slight changes

Things that used to be there, gone

Things that weren’t, appear

And as I walked further I got nearer

To where I once was

But now, I am different 

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It’s Almost The End

I can see the finish line,

I can see this journey is about to end.

I can tell I’m almost done

Writing things on the wall.

This will all have to stop at some point

And I think it’s coming close

It’s coming soon

I’m nearly done.

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Over And Over 

I’m back at the start

Going over again

Starting all over again

But that’s what it is when you’re learning

When you continue to learn

You go back to the start

Start all over and relearn 

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Oh Late!

Got a lot of things in mind

Got a lot of things to do

I’ll never be able to finish it

Don’t know what to do

Is it too late to start now?

Perhaps I should just end it

Without even starting

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Look back and look at me

Tell me what do you see?

For I have so many things in mind right now


I try to clear my mind

Feels like there’s something I need to find

But I really don’t know


I’m covered in mud from head to toe

I’m so lost don’t know what to do and so

I stare up at the ceiling and cry