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….ever say a word
Ever say if there is something
Something that you’re feeling
Feeling anything special
Special, am I?

I don’t want to overthink
Think too much
Much to think about
And so, I wait for the faithful day

That moment….

…when you have to decide whether to go or not
And you feel he doesn’t want to go just yet as well

That feeling that he wants just a bit more time with you
Or maybe it’s just you wanting more time with him

Then you realize…
…he could be everything you wanted all along

Feelings Lie

I could lie,
I could cheat,
I could pretend,

But then again…
Then again, I can’t really lie

Pain For The Wise

Feel the pain
Let it rip you apart
Let it come and hurt you
Control it a little so it won’t mess you up
Do not let it consume you
Just feel it
Learn from it

And once your done hurting,
Let it go
So you now become wiser

Maria Michaela

I Think So

I think I really like you
And I know that I really do
I admire you as a person
Why I smile is you’re the reason
I could write poems and songs for you
But it matters not and that is true
Because it is such
And it would be asking for too much
Yet here I am writing this poem for you
I don’t know why, well maybe because I like you

A Movie

I wept hard and felt the words

But it was just a movie


I was moved and felt it all

But it was just a movie


I told myself not to cry

But I wept hard

As if I were the character there

Though it was just a movie


The words spoken seeped through my heart

They were real and true

Even though it was a just a movie


I guess after all

It may not have been just a movie

Felt It Let Go

You prepare yourself

But when it comes

The whole world comes crashing down


I’ve been in this situation before

That hit like a train

This time around it hurt

So I let it sink in

I felt it

But for some reason,  I just let it go

unbolt me

the literary asylum

Rishita Sanya

What has to happen will happen...

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