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Cold Feet

Cold hands

Cold heart

Maybe we were meant to be apart.

Cold night

Cold soul

Maybe that will ever be all.

Cold space

Cold bed

Not much was really said.

Coldness with a cold stare and a cold feet

Finally admitting defeat.

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Feet Over

The grass is blue

The sky is green

The day becomes night 

And night becomes day

It’s how I feel

It’s what I felt

When you loved me

My feet was over my head

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Nice Feet

It wasn’t the first and certainly not the last,
A compliment about my feet has been made in the past.
It was pleasant to look at, yes for sure!
Long and well kept, an envy to me that had no cure.
My feet had led me to places near and far.
But it had its days, it had its war.
At times it would ache, the veins would cry out.
It would hurt a lot making me shout!
They don’t know the pain sometimes,
All they’d know is my feet are nice,

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Back On

Back on my feet

Legs, arms and hands

Smiling unnaturally

It’s been a while


Positivity, happiness and contentment

I seem to have forgotten

But I equate and balance it all

Worrying and jealousy only rot me inside


So, very slowly I get back on track

Back to where I was originally at

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Six Feet Under

I think I’m feeling under the weather today

I don’t feel like myself in any way

Could it be the fact that I’m underground?

Or that all I could make is a muffled sound?

Could it be that this wooden bed is too tight?

Or that I don’t have pillows for the night?

Maybe because I’m not used to the smell

of formaldehyde

Or maybe because I don’t have a lamp by my side

I still can’t get over the fact that I’m dead

So I’ll keep myself busy

and play tic-tac-toe instead