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I wish they could see my tears,

I wish they could come face to face with my fears.

I wish they knew how it truly hurts,

So mean words they wouldn’t blurt.

I wish they’d know I’m dying inside,

And see past the smile shown outside.

I wish they’d know how much I hate myself….

….so they will stop

I wish they’d just stop!

Dance With Wolves

I’ve learned to dance with wolves

I’ve learned to live with them

They surround me often

Waiting to pounce

Waiting for the moment I let my guard down

They come around still

Pretending to be tame

Pretending to be innocent

But I know

I’ve learned

I am not their prey

Because I know them

And that is why they now fear me

– Maria Michaela

Rid Of Fear

One, two, three

You will no longer scare me.

Four, five, six

I’m picking up all my sticks.

Seven, eight, nine

I know I can do this and I’ll do just fine.

Ten is where I stop and tell Fear,

“You no longer have a hold on me, you hear!”


I would like to spread my wings

Conquer my fears and limitations

Stretch and fly

..when people say it so clear?

What I can only sense is fear

That’s not what I want, my dear
How is it that I can’t feel

What is fake from what is real?

I don’t understand, what’s the deal?
I’m not making sense, not at all

I feel so tired, so I’m just going to fall

I’m scared

Of falling again
Of maybe falling
And getting hurt

Of stumbling
Of cartwheeling

I want to get it right this time
But I can’t get my head straight

I am afraid
But more afraid of ignoring it

Leave Behind

Time to let go
Close your eyes
Hold your breath
Take the leap
Leave your fears behind

I Am Fearless

I am mountain strong
I stand like trees tall
I do not cower in fear
Fear hides from me

The Bough Breaks

One can only tolerate so much

Even if he hides within their bunch

He knows he can’t take much of the punches

The strong can only hold out for so long

When he bends and breaks

And loses all senses

He is lost, a rogue

A shadow of what once was


I will not let him break

I will mend him

I will do whatever it takes

For no one should face this alone

Ride The Bike

I worry a lot

It darkens my day and ruins my mood

Dark clouds follow all the time

And I feel I am at my lowest


Worrying is an awful thing

My balance is off

And I lose trust


Thank goodness for real friends

One’s who let you see the brighter side

One’s who show you the other view

And it can be so spectacular!


I worry a lot

But I keep in mind the lesson I learned

Uncertainty breeds fear

But fear has no hold on me now

So, I ride the bike once more

and enjoy the view

Don Charisma

because anything is possible with Charisma

unbolt me

the literary asylum

Rishita Sanya

What has to happen will happen...

Dr. Eric Perry, PhD

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