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Dad’s The Best

He shared joys and laughter 

Picked us up, dusted us

He was strong, the real Superman!

Now he’s frail

Old and slowing down

Time for us to return the favor

For dad, the best


Can I Carry You?

I love this poem. I hope you all enjoy it too!
By: Brad Anderson
Published on February 2006
I guess that I can hold you

one more time before you grow

and tell you that I love you

so that you will always know.

Please let me tie your shoe again.

One day you’ll tie your own.

And when you think back to this time

I hope it’s love I’ve shown.

Can I help you put your coat on?

Can I please cut up your meat?

Can I pull you in the wagon?

Can I pick you out a treat?

One day you might just care for me,

so let me care for you.

I want to be a part

of every little thing you do.

Tonight could I please wash your hair?

Can I put toys in the bath?

Can I help you count your small ten toes

before I teach you math?

Before you join a baseball team

can I pitch you one more ball?

And one more time can I stand near

to make sure you don’t fall?

Let’s take another space-ship ride

Up to the Planet Zoor.

Before our Cardboard Rocket

doesn’t fit us anymore.

Please let me help you up the hill.

while you’re still too small to climb.

And let me read you stories

while you’re young and have the time.

I know the day will come

when you will do these things alone.

Will you recall the shoulder rides

and all the balls we’ve thrown?

I want you to grow stronger

than your Dad could ever be.

And when you find success

there will be no soul more proud than me.

So will you let me carry you?

One day you’ll walk alone.

I cannot bear to miss one day

from now until you’ve grown.
Taken from: http://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/one-last-time

A Decent Man

It hurts to know
That the ones who you thought are going to love you true
Could hurt you so deeply

Sleepless nights
Recalling not seeing the signs
The men who you thought are the only exceptions
Become mortal before your very eyes

It hurts knowing that they are after all the same as the rest
The heroes, the knights that you once thought they were
Mere facade

A father and now a brother
I am losing hope
And I wonder if those became lesser
Are there any decent men left of this Earth?

He’s The Man

he’s tired and old but definitely worth more than gold

it was this day not long ago that he came to be

becoming precious to my family and me


the crease on his forehead shows the time,

with it you’ll see his life’s rhythm and chime

all through the years he’s done so much, and probably too little

yet I know he’s done what he can ; that’s something not to belittle


he’s the apple of my eye, yes he’s a very special guy

I love him dearly, most honestly and sincerely

he’s none other than my dad and I’m so glad

to greet him on his special day

“Dad, have a wonderful birthday”

My Father, the Soldier

 you were away most of the times

as I and my brothers grew up 

we did our best to be good

I studied hard to get to the top

hoping it would make you come home


I missed you when you left

I would often cry myself to sleep

I knew you had to go because you were our provider

but I didn’t want you to, I wanted you to  stay

for me to keep


mama stayed and was both father and mother

it was hard for her but she knew

that you were working hard for us

even if it made her blue

that you were not around


I saw you as my protection,

the one who drove the monsters away

when you weren’t home I felt vulnerable

I tried to be strong, I acted tough even when I play

so you would be proud of me


Now, I have you near, I see that you’re vulnerable too

I see you cry and act tough, because that is what is expected of you

I know you’re hurting inside

and that you’re just keeping it

we’re here for you dad, we’ll keep you safe


I thank you for the lessons you’ve imparted

for the times together and apart, the ups and lows

as this made me strong and made me who I am

so let’s you and I be strong and swim against the flow

because I know we can overcome any problem

as long as we’re together

know that I will always love you

and you’re still the man of my life


A Real Surrealist

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