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Ah love! So grand

But unrequited is something hard to understand

Why fall for someone who doesn’t love you back?

You’re just going to get a heart attack

Still you don’t give it up

Grab a drink, here’s a cup

Too late to stop it now

End the show, take a bow

Still you come back for more

Come back even when you end up sore

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what good is a smile if it is fake?

better a frown if the emotion is real.


what good is the beauty if it s a façade

of an uglier attitude? 

better called ugly face yet a heart of gold.


what good is a crowd and nothing but enemies?

better to have one friend who is true


I’d take one apple than a hundred made of plastic

at any given day

what’s real is better than the fakeness shown by many

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Inanimate Eyes

Blue jewel

like the sea so calm, so deep……so mysterious

It smiles

Hides the truth and shows falseness

Oh! what a lovely sight are they


They sparkle ever so brightly that

You do not see they are nothing but genuinely fake

They are harsh

Unkempt and untamed


They pretend to be the best of you

They are paranoia, emptiness

Yet when they stare down at you

You see nothing but the prettiest

inanimate eyes