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Hear The Rain

From the sky it fell

Putting the world under its spell

Listen to the splish and the splash

The pitter patter of it trying to wash

Whatever needs it most

Listen to the rain’s lullaby

Hush, hush, hush, goodnight and goodbye

©Maria Michaela

Falling Eyes

Sleep arrived too soon when it wasn’t supposed to
Sleep came all of a sudden
Sleep fell over me…
And now…
And now…

Sleep has captured me

I Shouldn’t Have

I should have run away when I had the chance
I shouldn’t have taken a single glance
I should have walked away when I could
I should have shut the door when I knew I would
I would fall again and just end up hurt once more
I should have learned my lesson as I fell to the floor
It’s typical of me to fall and run away
But I clearly shouldn’t have chosen you, now look at me today
I’m black and blue all over as I beat myself up
Deciding whether to go on or give up
But I know one thing for sure
I shouldn’t have fallen for you because there is no cure

I’m scared

Of falling again
Of maybe falling
And getting hurt

Of stumbling
Of cartwheeling

I want to get it right this time
But I can’t get my head straight

I am afraid
But more afraid of ignoring it

Feeling Like A Poet

The drops of rain are so fine that from afar
You’d think it’s a mist, a fog.
No snow has ever fallen here but this is the closest thing
we got.

The rain is soothing, calming
The bed weather is making lazy almost everyone
As for me, it makes me feel like being poetic about it

His Denial

He was not one to boast
He would deny his true feelings
She was a mystery and more
She challenged his every being
And he was afraid
Afraid to be vulnerable
She made him feel so
Yet day and night his thoughts are of her
He feels this has to stop

Maria Michaela

It’s Happening

It’s nothing but a crush
Just an admiration
But when proximity and intimacy get the best of you
You start to fall
And it’s not always a good thing

Fall Off The Bike

It’s alright, people fall

They fail….

….to learn, to grow, to know

and to be humble


You can’t be perfect, no one is

So don’t wish to be….

….don’t aim to be


Always look at what you have

Not what you’re without

You’ll find you’re far richer

Than any king or sultan in the world


A wound and a scraped knee is needed

You’ll have to fall off the bike

to know how to ride it

Rain, Rain, Rain

rain, rain fell on my head

come again and wash over me

sweep me off my feet

wash away the weariness

cleanse me from this dirt


rain, rain falling fast

come and sing to me

catch me from my own fall

let me be soaked with your healing waters


rain, rain hold me close

come and wrap me with your arms

embrace me with the warmth

that I long so dear


rain, rain never go away

come and be my comfort

Catching Stars

I hold my hands out and stretch my arms

to try to catch each one and place them as one of my bracelet charms

One for love, one for luck

One for happiness where I always get stuck

I stick my tongue out, like catching snow

that feeling like there’s no tomorrow


It falls on my head, brings a smile on my face

their light shines bright and leaves a trace

I share them with the fireflies, who are more than willing

paying each one with a shilling


So I stretch my arms and I catch those stars

after all they’ve travelled all the way from Mars

Don Charisma

because anything is possible with Charisma

unbolt me

the literary asylum

Rishita Sanya

What has to happen will happen...

Dr. Eric Perry, PhD

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