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Shooting Stars And Comets

Shooting for the stars and coming at me

The confusion is overwhelming


Yet it’s a confusion that I welcome

See, one shot me down

The other reached out, saved me from falling


Somehow I still long for the shooting star

Though the comet still comes

So I enjoy the moment

Until the shooting star is no more

And if the comet continues to come…

Then that will be the day


I took a cup of falling star



And sprinkled it generously

Added a pinch of moon dust

Because they go together happily


A table-spoon of sunset and a dash of sunrise

To compliment the musky dawn

Never too much or too little, just enough is wise

Awaken the sleepy morning dew with a great yawn


Mix well everything in the pot of midnight

And I guarantee it’ll be out of sight

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Rishita Sanya

What has to happen will happen...

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