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Solid Ground

What if I fell in love again?
What if chance would come by once again?
I fell hard
I got broken
But I know for certain
I will love once more

But what if tomorrow
I find someone?
What if he could be the one?
What if I fell in love again?
I guess I better be ready to break my fall

If love comes by, I would not close my doors
I’d even have the windows open just to be sure
I will sing of lullabies once more
I just have to remember to keep my feet on solid ground
To keep them broken ones a few

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Familiar Scene

Oh my, my, my
Here I go again falling
For sure I may cry, cry, cry
But still to you I am calling
The road is familiar
I know you don’t feel the same
The scene is similar
It’s the same game
Different person but same feeling
I guess I’ll never learn
Because even if I fall to the ceiling
I’ll fall in love all over again

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Truth Serum

Why I fell in love with you

Was a question that I used to ask

Only lately have I realized why


I fell in love with your mind

When we talk I can unwind

I can tell you anything

And everything

And I know you’ll never judge me

In fact you listen intently

For some reason, a reason I am not sure of

All the truth comes flooding when I talk to you

I can let my hair down

And I feel safe despite wearing my heart like a crown


Only you have made me feel this way

I’m addicted now, I can’t stay away

Our relationship is a kind of friendship

Bordering to something more

If only we both were brave enough


I can tell you almost anything

All except

How I truly feel for you