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A Sinner Like Me

Why would I close my heart to you?
You who loved me true
Despite my sins and all the wrong I’ve done
You wash it all, cleaned my sins gone
Your sacrifice and forgiveness all to save me
Yet for most times this I do not see
You forgive me anyway
And continue to wait for me everyday
That is why I thank Thee
For Thy undying love

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Refuel My Faith

I sit and wonder what will become of me

What the future might hold

What it would bring


I look over yonder and just let it all sink in

Questions and questions with no answers

Then it hits me!


I lack of it and have to increase my supply


I worry and question

And I overthink

When I should just be enjoying the trip

I’m missing the beautiful scenery for I worry too much of the bumps on the road


So, slowly I ease my mind

I stop to calm myself down

I breathe in deep

I steady my heart

And I let faith refuel me

As I go forth and enjoy it all

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Do Me A Favor

Do me a favor and let the rain fall

Let it wash the loneliness this world has come to call

Let the fire burn the sky that’s blue

Let it change the colors and its hue

Let melancholy wrap its hand

Around you at its bosom, and

Let the spark of hope never fade

Let faith guide and come to your aid


Do me a favor and let things come as they are

Your road to happiness isn’t really that far

Good things come to those who wait

So patience love, for it’ll be great!

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Equal and Opposite

When you feel like giving up, don’t

When you grow tired, rest

When it becomes tight, breathe

When you experience heartache, love more

When everything is a blur, going too fast and hard for you to understand

Take time off, slow down, watch the sun rise or gaze at the stars

With every negativity in life,

There is an equal and opposite positivity

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My Restless Soul

I wander in this world

I have not been as faithful as I should have been

I live my life not minding where my soul will go

When time is up for me


I go on and I pretend

To be the faithful one

Yet I know that deep within

I am a sinful being and have neglected my religious duty


Yet God, the kind father that he is, still showers me His blessings

He still listens to me, hear my prayers

Despite me not taking much time to spend with Him

He sends His message through

He calls out to me and makes me feel loved

The kind of love no one else can give


My soul wanders through this world

And He waits for me to come back

To come home to Him at last

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I Still Fear

I have been thinking, thinking a lot

Evaluating, rationalizing…..

But they say, love should not be this complicated

Then how come? Why do I feel it’s such a huge math problem?

I know I may be complicating things

But I can’t help but give in to fear

For fear seems to be rational

And fear seems to be the truth, the reality

If you say or prove otherwise then I can kiss fear goodbye


I have no clue now

I feel like I’m just another pawn in your chess game

Am I?

I’d really like to know for fear….

Fear is killing me and I’m about to give up on this