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Fake Face

I keep hiding behind smiles

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if they’re even real


Am I Ugly?

They look, they stare

They wonder, they dare

They ask me why I’m still single

It sometimes makes me feel worthless, hence, I don’t mingle

They talk, they whisper

Words can hurt, they can blister

And even without a word I feel they’re saying smugly

You’re still single because you’re ugly

How I Look

Judge me for how I look

And you have already condemned me

It’s like the sun shines everytime he smiles

A light in that look

A hint of glitter

The warmest smile

A dashing air of grace and kindness

Where, oh where could such young lad be?

I looked at myself in the mirror and saw someone else

She looked pretty with all the colors painted on her face

Her hair looked well kept

She was almost perfect.
People couldn’t believe it was her

Their reaction said it all

But despite loving how she looked that night

She still prefers to keep it simple and light.
She loved looking pretty outside 

But still prefers the beauty that is found within 

Nothing But Skin

Oh what do you see?

Beauty that’s skin deep

You think it’s love 

You think it’s real

But it’s all facade

All just what you see on the outside 
Do you really see me?

The Boy (Will Never Be Mine)

I’ve fallen for someone beyond my reach

I am non existent to him

I know better and should practice what I preach.

But how do you get over someone who was never yours?

The craziness within is slowly taking its course.

I sing his songs and see his face, imagining things that would never be

I know it is crazy,

I know this will go away……eventually

For now, I will let my imagination run wild until I am set free

It was your face

It was your face I saw

It was your face that greeted me

It was your face that haunted my dreams

It was your face

…that captured me

Am I Too Ugly…

To be loved?
To be wanted?

Am I too ugly….
To be taken seriously?
To be longed?
To be sought?

Am I too ugly….
To be noticed?

Am I?

The Faceless One

In front of you but you do not see

Eyes of brown looking through

Past me and through the wall

Wondering if you really do see

You see only another girl

Another friend and nothing more

Wishing you could feel the way I do

Hints sent and point taken

But still we are here

And nothing more

Am I really just that girl?

The one familiar?

Can’t I ever be anything more

than just the faceless one?

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