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Brown Than Ever

Her eyes were brown and they shown bright whenever she saw the stars

There were times she wanted to be alone just because

She did not want to know of time for time was often in a hurry

She sat there with all the time she had and her brown eyes were more brown than ever

Maria Michaela

Eyes For Her

He looked at her
She didn’t even notice
For she had eyes for someone else
While his was for hers alone

Those Eyes

He looked at me
And I looked into his eyes too
Those eyes see me
Those eyes know me
Those eyes are what I look for
He does not know how important our friendship is to me

Eyes Sparkle

I looked at you with sparkle in my eyes
But that was a while ago
Now my eyes sparkle
All in a different way

They use to look for the beauty that is you
The one that I knew
The one I learnes to accept
Both good and bad

Now they look at you differently
No longer longing
No longer waiting
Still loving
But all in a different way

My eyes, they sparkle still for you
But only because they know
That my heart no longer sparkles for you

Keep Me Warm

And I cuddle and bundle myself
But thinking of only one thing that can truly keep me warm
His hugs
His smile
Those eyes
The way he winks at me
That look on his face
The way he laughs

I can’t wait until I am with him once more

I held my breath and he caught my eye. He caught me in the midst of a mid day dream

I fell. Oh what can I say? I fell for the man who could never love me back

Losing Sleep

Those eyes,

They do not lie

They reveal more than you can tell

And it’s clear

Very clear to see

You have lost it

You’ve been losing sleep

Inanimate Eyes

Blue jewel

like the sea so calm, so deep……so mysterious

It smiles

Hides the truth and shows falseness

Oh! what a lovely sight are they


They sparkle ever so brightly that

You do not see they are nothing but genuinely fake

They are harsh

Unkempt and untamed


They pretend to be the best of you

They are paranoia, emptiness

Yet when they stare down at you

You see nothing but the prettiest

inanimate eyes

As I Sleep

as I close my eyes to sleep

I pray my guardian angel keep watch

until tomorrow, or until the Lord takes my soul


I pray that I have done good for the day

enough for me to be saved


as I close my eyes to sleep

if given another day to live,

may I treasure it and do more kindness than yesterday


and if I close my eyes for the final sleep

I hope and pray to leave a legacy

that I may be proud of

For Love To Fade

at any given random moment

someone catches your eye

like glue your stuck and suddenly you can’t breathe


mouth wide open but no words fly out

afraid for it to end before

it even begins


stare away, all you can do

shy away and try another day

unbolt me

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Rishita Sanya

What has to happen will happen...

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