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Dance With Me

Take my hand so I can lead you to the dance floor

Spin me around

Hold me close

Hold my hand tight and don’t let go.

The ballroom glitters and shines

And suddenly the moonlight has lost is glow

As your eyes captures every single light and moment

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His Eyes Makes Me Melt

His eyes were pools of blue, grey, and sometimes green

They burst with light so fine as if the angels painted them

He smiled candidly and genuinely

And each time those eyes twinkle, sparkle

I melt like a butter under a hot summer day

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Innocent Eyes

I looked at those innocent eyes and wondered what would become of them

The young heart that’s been through a lot already

I pray that they grow up to help better this war torn place

I pray they grow up

I cried a bucket full upon seeing the hurt and trauma

Such innocence, such purity, ruined by those who could not see

I looked at those innocent eyes and I felt my heart being torn apart

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Hands, frozen
Like time, broken
Feet, numb
Like words for the dumb
Lips, blue
Somehow missing you
Memories, kept like a token
My eyes never show, left unspoken
Much like the weather is cold
Your feelings for me is a bluff, so my card I fold

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His eyes were deep and cold

He kept his feelings well,
One would not have known unless he told
That his walls ever slowly they fell.

His sarcastic gaze and daunting smirk,
Would not attract a ladies delight.
But had they truly known, one may irk
Because behind the facade is a ray of sunlight.

He seems boastful and too proud,
He keeps to himself most often.
But in truth he does not wish for himself to be loud,
His character has soften.

Those eyes may seem the coldest now,
Behind them hides true care and love.
She may not see it that way somehow,
But it’s true, she is his beloved.

Maria Michaela

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Don’t even go there…

Don’t try to use your sorcery on me
Don’t flash that smile that crinkles your eyes and make them disappear
I’m holding my tongue and I don’t want this to be
Much like what happened before to me

I’m controlling myself and I’m not going to make
The same mistakes I did
So don’t even start by looking at me that way

Maria Michaela