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I jumped without looking

I gave it all without thinking

The consequences, I took them all

Even when he wouldn’t return my call

I poured it all, not knowing the difference between love and infatuation

I screamed my lungs out without hesitation

And my poor soul suffered from the complication

I ended up, my heart decapitated

Even when I knew it was for naught, I still expected

Half hoping

Half expecting

That’s what it felt like


What drives you?

What motivates you?

What brings hope?

No, not expectations 
That gives falsehood

Brings people down

Never boosts morale

Only negates the mentality
Expectations can be a real danger

And Here I Thought……

And here I thought there’s something 

But I should know better than to expect

I will wait and see

I will hold my tongue 

And I will not over think


I am giving it a year
But there are some things I fear
I’m afraid to expect more than I should
I know you wouldn’t lead me on, but I know I would

I don’t want to put so much of my emotions in
It may be my downfall, like so many years before

I may fall in love with you
But I want to slow down because it’ll make me blue
If one day you’d say you only see me as a friend
It’ll crush my heart, it’ll be my end

So as early as now, I am detaching myself slowly
Keep my heart at bay completely

All of a sudden a “hi”

The next thing you know, a conversation

To say it’s over is far from over

One bends to save a friendship almost lost


I don’t care about tomorrow because

He made me smile today

So unexpectedly

I’m putting my foot down

Have to make a decision

It has to be final

It has to be done

The waiting is over

And it has been made clear

End the torment

Kill the expectations

Move on


Life can surprise you at any time

So can circumstances

So can people


When emotions overflow

You go into overdrive

A whirlwind of craziness runs through your mind


People can be very surprising too

And moments like that are treasure

Care and love overflows

Unexpected people remind you that you are not alone


No matter how unexpected the situation might be

God sends his angels for extra comfort

And unexpectedly, he is one of them

Then you find yourself unexpectedly smiling

Simply knowing the person you least expected cares and loves you true

Don Charisma

because anything is possible with Charisma

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What has to happen will happen...

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