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How thin is thin?

When will it be enough?

Count the carbs

Count the calories

Count the pounds and the kilograms

Count the tears

Count the frustrations

Count the failures and the success

But when will it all end?

How thin is thin?

When will I be enough?

©Maria Michaela

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Never Enough

No, not enough
Give it all
What you have
Still not enough

Work hard
Move on
Do your best
But it’s not enough

Be positive
Do what you can
Reap the rewards
It matters not to them
Because you are not enough

Give it up
Let it go
Don’t waste your time
Nothing will ever be enough

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I’m Through

I’m through with love and what comes with it

I’m done, I give up, I don’t want a single bit

I’m done with the cheeky, cliché love notes

I’ll get out of here, onboard the misery boats

I’m through with cupid with his stupid bow

I’m throwing in the towel and ending the show

I don’t want any more, just get it over with

I’m through, I’m through

Believe me, I’m through!