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Ed Sings

He made a rhyme and placed a tune
Talked about love and reaching the moon.

He told of heartaches and how his heart mended,
About the start of it all and how it ended.

He poured songs about life,
And maybe someday finding a wife.

He sang a song that seemed to be dedicated for me,
He had a way to get people’s emotions, you see.

When he sang it was heavenly,
And people sang along happily.

His gift is amazing! I can listen to him all day,
It wouldn’t be a bore, not at all, not in any way.

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You can break my heart at anytime
I won’t mind at all
My love for you is sublime
I won’t mind if you won’t catch my fall
Your songs speak to me
Breathe in me
Move me
Inspire me
Oh! I’ve fallen in love with your songs….and you
Sing me to sleep once more
Strum your guitar like before
Let my love for you go beyond 70

Maria Michaela