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The Moon Alone

Clouds were about, that early morning

Dawn hasn’t even cracked yet

It was supposedly dark but a single light shone

Pale yellow it was, and so I looked up

Floating up there was the moon

It didn’t shy away behind the clouds

Alone it was but proudly it gave some light

It accompanied me that cold early morning

©Maria Michaela

Posted in miscellaneous, original

Visiting The Stars

I woke all of a sudden

But not out of a nightmare

I woke because for some reason, my body would not let me sleep


I took my dog, still sleepy he may be

Glad to have such a wonderful company.

Darkness still covers the sky,

Dawn has not even broke

I look up and see my old pals

It’s really been a while


They greet us warmly despite the cold morning

I wave “hello”, my dog barks slow

We take in the moment

Silently contemplating under the company

of our beautiful sparkling friends