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Just Acoustics

Play me the piano, softly, sweetly

and let the violin accompany the rhythm

Bring in the guitar and strum those strings nicely

pluck them nice and easy to set the mood

Oh! I am taken each time the acoustics start

Slap that cajón and start shaking the maracas

Beat the drum and let it roll

I hear the music and once more I am on the clouds

Play it smoothly those trumpets and saxophones

Chilling with the jazz and I’m all set

I could do this all day

and until forever ends

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Beating of the Drums

I hear a distant rumbling

a distant hum

of something beating

the song of old echo through

as the sound

the music

fills the air

I hear a thump, a beat of my own

as the pace slowly, steadily hastens

my soul is carried

over the mountains

beyond the sea

once again I am at home

to where the Sampaguitas white

welcome me back