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Pen Soaked Coffee

shower me down the warmth of coffee

fill up my empty mind so I may write the words I wish to

appear on paper, still clean and blank

the title has been made but still the contents are lost

somehow I need to find them and get them all together


the mug is filled with the liquid that keeps me warm

yet it’s empty with the words I wish to share

I rack my brain to shake loose whatever creativity is left

I’m distracted from my surroundings so I let the music fill my ears

Ideas come slow, I wish they would flood and drown me

but somehow it’s barren as the desert


third coffee already and not half way through

seems my pen is stuck in limbo

I have to make it work

let me lie wide awake in daydream

maybe the poem will create itself for me

My Drinking Habit

I drink water, as all of us do

I drink apple juice and I know you do too

Add some cola when I feel like I just wanna

I drink milkshake together with some chocolate cake

A root beer is great with a big steak on plate

I love me a Cali to add a little twist

And I find champagne is better than being kissed


Anyway, the strongest that I drank was an apple punch

Good thing I didn’t drink much or I would have

thrown up my lunch

Two coffee mugs a day and I’m complete

And I still get a good night’s sleep

I love a good glass of wine

Eating it with pizza, and my dinner’s fine

I don’t drink gin or vodka or beer

Throwing up and a throbbing head is my fear

No tequila, no rum, no scotch, no whiskey

These drinks for me are too risky


You’ll never see me drink any strong liquor

It won’t do me any good, I might get sicker

So I find that drinking milk is healthy

And chocolate milk is very tasty

Most people find my drinking habit boring

I could care less, really

So keep those iced teas pouring

Coffee as it is…

coffee as it is, is like immortality

vagueness of the bitterness and after taste

that caught thy tongue

in a loop of addiction

ever so often you want to stop

but find yourself starting again


it’s aroma and darkness of texture

invites your senses to a playful symphony

a kaleidoscopic attraction

that tingles and makes your mouth water

scorches the heart into a halt

yet you come back for more

Don Charisma

because anything is possible with Charisma

unbolt me

the literary asylum

Rishita Sanya

What has to happen will happen...

Dr. Eric Perry, PhD

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