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Cold Coffee

My coffee has gone cold waiting for me.

In this cold morning, my coffee is colder still.

Much like your cold heart

Who left me lying on the cold floor

With my heart held in my cold hands.

And yet, I still drink my bitter cold coffee

As I toast the cold morning air

Remembering that from your coldness

I learned to embrace the warmth of my own sunshine.

©Maria Michaela

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Cereals and Coffee

Start the day

Trying to get back the energy I once had

When I was younger

When metabolism was faster

When coffee was bitter

And cereals were sweeter
Now I look at the table

Wondering of getting back in shape

Or should I just eat this cereal

Drink my coffee and go

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Coffee In The End

Mornings would not be complete

If coffee is not within reach

You put your hands up,

As a sign of defeat

You move slow, slower than a turtle

Taking each step so slow

Never jumping any hurdle

So you drag yourself to stay up

When will the zombie mode stop?

Point taken and lesson learned

No matter what,

You’ll need coffee before the day ends

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Smell Of Beer

The smell of beer elicits fear

but mainly with disdain

He cowers in the dark, only to let the monster out


The smell of beer elicits fear

but mainly with distaste

He holds my hand only to let it go

He gets lost in the mist of bubbling beer


The smell of beer elicits fear

the fear I hate most

To let go of the one who held the world

within an empty beer mug

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A Bottle of Gin

you took it out on yourself

denied yourself of happiness

a sad movie began to play in your mind

followed by the melancholy sound

of bitterness

somehow you knew how to put it all together

yet you could not help yourself

from drowning in alcohol of self-pity


pardon me if I take the bottle of gin

and pour it aside