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In Dreams…

…..I am bold

…..I am the best

Well loved if not, the most loved

I have him in my arms

But who is him?

“Him” can be anyone and can be surprising

Sometimes, I’d like to stay longer in my dreams

To Hold You In Dreams

I close my eyes and I dream we’re dancing

You in my arms

A child, innocent and happy

Your smile fills my heart with warmth

Such joy to hear your laughter!

But then I wake

And I am alone

You are still miles away

To Dreams!

Dream the night away

Do what you couldn’t

Ride the rocket and visit the moon

Do cartwheels on the clouds

Rest and let dreams take you where you haven’t gone to


In my dreams he and I have known each other for long

But in reality, we are miles apart

Never to know each other at all

Nighty Night

May the night embrace you with sweet dreams
As sweet as chocolates or cookies and creams

You Are My Dreamless Sleep

I closed my eyes and expected a dreamless sleep

But lo and behold! Your face I see

Your warm smile

Your calm face

The hair that’s messy…in a good way


Oh such was my delight!

For many nights I slept with no dream

Not one single dream

And suddenly here you are

Right in front of me

But alas it was short lived…for it was only a dream


If I could sleep for the entire day

And dream of only you

I’d grab the chance, I’d take it in a heartbeat

Just to hold you close once more


That curious, candid and charming smile

Always melts me to the bones

I’d dream and sleep a thousand times

Just so I can see you once more


Soft were the hands the clasped mine

I swear it could have been real!

If only dreams were meant to be

I would have you here with me

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