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You Are My Dreamless Sleep

I closed my eyes and expected a dreamless sleep

But lo and behold! Your face I see

Your warm smile

Your calm face

The hair that’s messy…in a good way


Oh such was my delight!

For many nights I slept with no dream

Not one single dream

And suddenly here you are

Right in front of me

But alas it was short lived…for it was only a dream


If I could sleep for the entire day

And dream of only you

I’d grab the chance, I’d take it in a heartbeat

Just to hold you close once more


That curious, candid and charming smile

Always melts me to the bones

I’d dream and sleep a thousand times

Just so I can see you once more


Soft were the hands the clasped mine

I swear it could have been real!

If only dreams were meant to be

I would have you here with me