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Poets are mostly introverts

Whose emotions they pour over





They do not seek attention but would like the world to know they exist

We exist!


They see beauty in the sorrow

Turn ugly into pretty

They cry silently though

Their tears they turn to inspiration to others


They are dreamers

They are poets

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He Is A Dream

He is a dream I prefer always

Why I can’t wait to fall asleep

He is a dream I wish for every night 

If he doesn’t come, I weep

I am a star crossed voyager

On her way to falling

And I don’t mind the fall

If it’s him that comes a calling

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Dream Oh Dream Guy

He’s so fine
He’ll never be mine
He’s got good looks
One you think you can only see in books
His smile! Oh! That smile!
A way to captivate you, yes that’s his style
But I can only dream so much
So I’ll keep right on dreaming

Maria Michaela

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That Beautiful Dreamer

Bathe in scarlet moon shine

the shadow of the star casts down

Eyes of emerald-green close softly

laying down under the mango tree


Horses dance and the snow falls upward

rainbows bow down

The sun trembles, shivers ; doing what it is told

The fish held its breath


A hail of cold fire descended from the heavens

as the entire galaxy opened up

The frog sang in beautiful tenor

all for the dreamer, dreaming them all


The beautiful dreamer lay still, sleeping

in almost perfect silence

wrapped in sheets of linen white

while the golden brown hair limps sadly