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Dragonfly – Rare Photo

Photo taken by my friend Kenzo.

Hello earthlings!

I’ve posted before a poetry about Dragonflies (see post here) and a more recent one titled Fireflies and Dragonflies (see post here) so when I was scrolling through my Facebook feeds and came upon this photo, I was so ecstatic!

It’s not easy to find dragonflies these days, specially where I live since it’s all houses. I got my friend’s permission to grab the photo and post it here. I just thought of sharing it with you all.

You can checkout and follow Kenzo on Instagram. Check his profile here.

Have a good day or night everyone!

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Fireflies and Dragonflies

Where have they gone?

What have we done?

It’s been years since I’ve seen one

Dragons that roamed so freely before

The meadows and fields they used to explore

They’re now nearly gone, extinct, no more

Fireflies that lit up the night

So many they were, they shined bright

Nowadays, not one is insight

Fireflies and dragonflies seem like myths now

But I do hope they re-emerge, somehow

To see again the dragon’s wings and the fireflies’ light

That would be such a delight

©Maria Michaela

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I Breathe Fire Because I Can

The dragons call me their own

Lucky enough are the ones who come close and don’t get burned

Stare me down, they cower in fear.

I am invincible.


I won’t and will not back down.

Fierce as the red flame yet cooler than ice.

Bite me and you become charcoal

Charred lips, blackened body

Is what will be left behind


The temperature does not change as quickly as I do.

Breathe air, breathe water

But it is fire that fuels me.

Bow down to the dragon queen