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Visiting The Stars

I woke all of a sudden

But not out of a nightmare

I woke because for some reason, my body would not let me sleep


I took my dog, still sleepy he may be

Glad to have such a wonderful company.

Darkness still covers the sky,

Dawn has not even broke

I look up and see my old pals

It’s really been a while


They greet us warmly despite the cold morning

I wave “hello”, my dog barks slow

We take in the moment

Silently contemplating under the company

of our beautiful sparkling friends

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My Homework Almost Ate My Dog

I was scribbling away

trying to write as fast as I can

I wanted to be done with it today

as I was missing all the fun.


I did not do my homework until now

as I was busy with………well, with other stuff

The days passed too fast, I don’t know how

now my mom is doing the huff and puff


As I was about to finish up

my dog came and took notice of what I was doing

He was about to eat my homework but then he stopped

I heard a growl, then my dog stopped chewing


I flipped out and fell from my chair

My homework had a mouth so big

My dog whimpered, on end stood all my hair

My homework prepared to eat my dog

good thing he was able to run fast


It’s all true I tell you, no fibbing here

I was unable to finish my homework

since I was afraid it would eat me