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I Lost My Lover

I lost my lover some years ago

I don’t know how I lost him

I simply just know.

I might have lost him at sea

Or from the mountains

I might have lost him to music

Or art perhaps

I might have lost him through time

Or perhaps hindered by distance.

I’ve never met my lover

Fate wasn’t as kind to us

I know I lost him in some way

I just hope it was not from someone else.

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Go Easy

I don’t know if you’ve noticed
I’m not sure if you ever do
You brush me off
You avoid me
So I’m taking a step back
Holding it all in

I said to give it a year, didn’t I?
So I will
But I’ll hold off slowly
So if nothing happens, I can let you go easy

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Nice Feet

It wasn’t the first and certainly not the last,
A compliment about my feet has been made in the past.
It was pleasant to look at, yes for sure!
Long and well kept, an envy to me that had no cure.
My feet had led me to places near and far.
But it had its days, it had its war.
At times it would ache, the veins would cry out.
It would hurt a lot making me shout!
They don’t know the pain sometimes,
All they’d know is my feet are nice,

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Long Distance Cosmic Love

I close my eyes and dream of stars
Waiting for him to come back from Mars
Cosmic love can take its toll
It’s not easy after all
He is there, far away
While in some galaxy I lay
I reach out my hand hoping he would take it
But he’s too far and my heart knows it
When will time and space favor us?
May his spaceship pass wormholes to try and link us

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Not Near Enough

An ocean apart seems better

Than an arm’s length distance

The sweetness of proximity

Is shorter than the bitterness of it


Rather be chasing shooting stars

And be miles away

Compared to seeing the sun

Reach for it but still

Still out of reach somehow


Break the broken

The nearness is a killer

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Long Distance

over the sun where the seas run deep

my love lies waiting


across the desert of ocean, in a lost town

is where my love awaits


the moon never shines on the mountain white

but it is there that my love awaits


until we are together once more

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went into hiding until I lost track of time

and of space

went into the distance to drown myself

away from fear and anxiety

the thing that scared me most was on its way

crawling itself against me

I wanted to run and hide…and so that’s what I did

I left, without a word to anyone

and so here I am, in the midst of nothingness

everywhere, it’s just darkness

I complicated what was supposed to be simple

I made such a mess

while I’m here, they go on

not noticing I’m gone, not wondering where I am

not sure how I got here, not sure where I’m at

all I knew is I ran and didn’t look back

darkness filled the sky and now I am lost

never to go back……again


went into hiding until I lost track of time

went into the distance to drown myself

and now I’m lost, stuck in limbo

and nobody even notices I’m gone