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I feel so low, they’ve pushed me down

and kept my head beneath the water

I try to please yet they criticize, scrutinize

every single thing I do

I say

as I can’t do anything right


I feel useless, abandoned, neglected,

thrown aside for the vultures to feast on

They couldn’t possibly do anymore

take more

for I have nothing

I feel nothing

I am nothing


I am empty now

nothing but a shell

and I am left emotionless, the uncertainty

Has hardened my heart, my soul

my humanity


They’ve done all the damage and now

I am nothing but dirt

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Old Night Bus

the rain is pouring hard, the ground’s soaked

mud is sticking to the old tire,

still, round it goes just like it did before


passengers are kept warm despite the roof that’s rusting

some are sleeping deeply

as the end of a tiring work day


she goes up and down the streets, avenues and boulevards

never-ceasing, never tired even with the creaking

be it rain, be it sunshine she’s out and about


she’ll continue to work, to make sure you’re all safe

the old creaking bus, here she comes again