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I seek the love I hope to be true

Or rather, I sought it before.

I used to think I was empty or just a half

I used to think I needed more.


Someone wanted to give me the world

But I only wanted him to be real and true

Extravagance was not what I wanted or needed

And so his heart I made blue.


I do not regret being alone, going solo

I’ve long accepted my complexities

I know it’s hard to love me

And they can only hold so much capacities.


I try

I tried

I keep trying

But it’s just too difficult this time


The end of my beginning, the start of something new

I tried to start all over ; changed the colors, changed the hue

Skies fall out as clouds fly away

And so many things I wish I could say

Down the drain by the broken and leaking lake

My future dangled so weakly at the stake

I try my best but I keep being pulled back

OH come on! Cut me some slack!

Stars fall off and hit me on my head

Slowly I succumb ; slowly I bled

Things go wrong when everything’s right

No one hears my silent plight

Starting anew but I hurt and cry

Difficulty it brings, oh why, oh why?

Darker the clouds, harder the rain

Still I fight my inside pain

Time is a ticking yes it’s running fast

I cannot change what has been done in the past

Carry me to the vast ocean and sea

To where the path is laid clear for me

Hesitant, knees shaking but I keep my head held high

No regrets, none at all, til the day I die

I keep a sunshine in my pocket just in case

As I start another phase

Plain and Simple

if you write straight from the heart

anything can be turned into art

you need not use such big words like

brusque and abjure

or capricious, legerdemain or bonjour

maybe try something like mendacious, licentious

the there’s penurious, officious; maybe even propitious

I scratch my head for I know not the meaning of these words

I’m better off sitting and watching all the wonderful birds

in writing, it’s nice to be colorful

but most of the time, I’d like to keep it plain and simple

unbolt me

the literary asylum

Rishita Sanya

What has to happen will happen...

Dr. Eric Perry, PhD

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