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Fatter, Falter

“You’re getting bigger”

Oh yes they say!

And all the bad memories rush, so severe 

Made an awful day

And now I cry

Felt like I died 

And on to die-eating again

Feeling like I failed once more

The media is killing me slowly

But I always have a choice

I will not go down the path of wishing to be as thin as a stick

They don’t have the curves that I have

I am beautiful inside and out

I feel comfortable in my own skin

I do not wish to be someone else

Because I am unique

Beauty is not gauged by one’s waistline

The media feeds this false information

To make one feel like an abomination

And sell their good for nothing lies


I refuse to be controlled by society

Because I know I am beautiful

In my own way

In whatever shape or form I may be

So they can keep to themselves and I will keep to mine

What with the curves that I have

They simply can’t compete with me

Fruit Basket

I took the lemon from the apple tree

Planted it and grew a banana

Slowly it turned into a watermelon

Which was no surprise

But it yielded a strawberry too

Which was just dandy

It grew tall and

Pineapples started to fall

And then grapes turned violet red

What a tree was that lemon

The one I took from the apple tree

Judge Not

Eating is not so wrong

It’s where I truly belong

Don’t judge me from what I eat

Because I’m fond of eating meat

I do want to lose weight, that is true

But I don’t want to kill myaelf doing it too

Just let me be and hush your mouth

Let’s enjoy eating instead and worry not

Skin And Bones

Tall, dark and nothing but bones

A skeleton walking

Beats a dead man who tells tales


Beautiful! They say

But all I see is a hungry zombie

Famine seems to have struck it

Drought has absorbed all the water it had within


Worse, most people want to be like them

Most people want me to be like them

Others have been played and their mind wasted

They fall into the pit of doom

where nothing but skin and bones reign


Skin and bones,

Skin and bones,

Do you really want to be like one?

The answer should be easy

My pants are loose and I think this is great

However, I don’t want to lose consciousness as I lose weight

Don’t want to over do it, just keep it right

I know it will work, I can win the fight

But currently, I think I’m about to pass out

So forgive me if I end this poem now

I need to look for help, kindly help me shout

I’m On A Diet

you can’t tempt me

I will never indulge

will never give in

and gain back the bulge

I will do what I can to keep it off

you can’t bring me down

not now, not ever

I’m going to win the crown

I have what it takes and will beat the odds

you’ll see I’ll be healthier

leaner and better

and will never be bigger……again

however, with chocolates, that’s different

ice cream, muffins and cake

Oh! I told you I will never be tempted

so give me some of those for goodness sake!

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