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Spare Me the Details

I don’t want to hear it; I don’t want to know

Get out of my face and just go

I may not restrain myself; I may just blow

You’re pathetic, what you did was just for show

You’ve hurt me bad; The wound is so deep

I’m having nightmares, I can hardly sleep

I hate you so much; You’re such a creep!

I fell fast, I fell hard; My fall was so steep

Just go away, I don’t want to see you

I’m so bruised; You left me black and blue

I trusted you, you lied; I didn’t have a clue

All I ever asked was that you stay true

I don’t want to look at you; You’re so horrible

You’ve made a complete mess out of me; I look terrible

Someday you’ll regret this; You’ll be miserable

I will one day forget all this, and feel incredible

For now I’ll pour my anger out

I’ll scream and cry and shout

I really don’t like you right now, without a doubt

Keep away from me; I don’t like a tout

I curse that you promised me forever

Pray this is the last we see of each other

May we never ever again be together

Take you back? Forget it, never!