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Hundreds and thousands came tumbling down

Hordes of massive quantities rained

Dark was the sky for their numbers were great

Scores and millions more

They come and seem to never end

Midday suddenly became deep night

No one knew what happened

No one knew what they were


The fire and fog lifted

and nothing was left but shattered glass

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Sweet Flowers of May

the flowers of May blossomed

and I wondered if they would ever know

if the people would ever know

take notice or take time

to admire the flower’s sweet perfumes


the flowers have blossomed and it’s been for quite sometime

yet nobody took notice

not even the gardener or the flower shop keeper

how could they just ignore the beauty that surrounds them?

does it matter not to them?


the flowers of May wilted to June

still they took no notice

will they ever learn to be grateful

before it is too late?