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To Thee

Edgar wrote of Annabel Lee

Who lived in the kingdom by the sea.

I’d also like to write poetry

About my love to thee.

But feelings are hard to put into words.

How can I make it sweet like the chirping of the birds?

What sort of rhyme must I write

To let your emotions ignite?

Still, ideas escape me

Unlike Edgar who wrote about Annabel Lee.

My paper is still empty

And I still contemplate of that poetry

One that I’ll dedicate to thee.

©Maria Michaela

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The life you lived was exciting

Your energy was fascinating.

Your voice was one of a kind

Not easily duplicated, not easy to find.


And then there were the sad times

The lows came like waves

You struggled, didn’t you?

Despite everything, you felt lonely still.


But you found your way

Before you went away

And even when it’s been many years since,

The memory of you will live forever.

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It Was Called Yellow

It’s my song, it’s our song

The song you dedicated to me

That will forever be ours

No matter what, I cherish that in my heart

I am grateful for the little attention

It may have been nothing to you

But it meant forever to me

I am not expecting anything, I’ve learned

But no one and nothing can ever take away what I have come to call our theme song

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That Song

That song you sang

You sang it in front of the gang

Dedicated it to me

Set my heart free

I call it my own now

Oh how I want to go back to that moment somehow

Make it real, I’m waiting here

As I hold on to that song so dear

It’s the one I will keep for the rest of my life

My pick me up in times of strife


Sing that song to me again

My happy heart is once more regained

I hold on that song

It’s where you and I belong

Once more dedicate it to me

Because I want us to be

That’s why I wait here to see