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Days of Childhood

I remember….

When days were longer and the sun wasn’t as hot

Looking forward to summer and playing all day long

Danced and played in the rain

Running around, sweaty but with a huge smile on my face

Climb trees, scraped my knees

Flew a kite, learned how to ride a bike

Roller blading and falling and getting back up to try again

Yes, I remember those wonderful days

©Maria Michaela


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Adlaw (Days)

Mga adlawng nilabay / Days gone

Mga adlawng lumalabay / Days to come

Hain na? / Where has it gone?

Nganong ka dali ba? / Suddenly all done?

Nitunga, nawala, ni agi / It came, disappeared, went by

Murag imong gibati, ako ang alaot niini / Like your fleeting feelings, I’m the one left to cry

Pero mao na jud na / But that’s that

Mga adlawng nawala / Days gone just like that

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Wasted and gone
Cannot be undone
Once lost, it can’t be returned
You get bruised and burned
You’d want it back but can never have again

Use wisely and efficiently
Make it worth every while and you’ll end up happily
It’s there but not always

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All The Days

Wednesday’s wonderful,
Thursday’s terrific!
Friday’s fun
But Saturday is perfect

Sunday is slow and lazy
A perfect day before Monday!
Now, Monday may be manic
But it can still be FUNtastic!
And Tuesday comes along just fine,
Like perfectly aged wine

Before you know it, it’s the middle of the week once more
And we’ll do it all again for sure

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Down Days

You did not smile today

Did not want to talk

I’m staying away from you

Not because I’m scared

But because I respect your decision


A few days away hopefully would do you some good

Whatever it is that’s bothering you,

I pray that it’ll be okay


Come back when you’re done sulking.

I pray good days to come your way.

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When Monday Never Came

People were wondering what could have happened

For some strange reason, Monday never came.


Tuesday was present, jubilant as ever

Waving here and there, welcoming a wonderful day

“Good day! Good day!”, it just kept saying


Thursday was looking ’round

Surprised to see so many gathered

It didn’t stay long and left in a hurry

Shouting, “Friday’s almost here!”


Sunday peeped but changed its mind

Instead, out came Saturday looking a little dazed.

It walked slowly, talked slurred

Could not walk a straight line

It held a coffee mug on one hand

And merely smiled at the onlookers


Wednesday was grand,

he kept shaking people’s hand

It was as if he won the election

“Middle of the week!”, he exclaimed

“You’re almost there.”


Now, Sunday was shy so outgoing Friday came out with it

They held hands and stood in the middle of the crowd

“Where is Monday?”, the people asked

Sunday replied, “well, he always comes right after me, so he may be coming anytime soon.”

“He always comes before me, I’m sure he’s just around”, was Friday’s reply.


On and on the week came and went

But Monday was nowhere to be found

It was as if he disappeared or just didn’t make a sound

“Manic Monday will surely come”, the people kept on saying

But it would seem it won’t be anytime soon

As Monday never came

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We Are All Numbered

When days are numbered what will become of me?

of you, of him and her?

when the salt of the earth has reached the fire

above and below the clever never-ending

and what they call endless finally ends


Lost for words to express what cannot be described

as it slowly creeps through the undaunted floorboards

the ones that creak and wither

when the light of day has dropped dead

to its knees; bowing with sadness and yet

maybe with relief


I cannot echo what is not heard or seen

when the silence has drowned the very foundation

of the ground we are standing on

As we approach that stage whether we know it or not

ready we must be to face the next stage

for we know not what happens after

when days are numbered