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Waiting On You

I daydream of you
My thoughts often run to you
I wonder at times if you think of me too
Do your thoughts wander in search of me?
I look into those eyes and I can’t fathom what they see
Your mind is unique
And I am more attracted

I can wait until then
Even when time runs out
Until then I won’t let go
Not just yet

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Head Clouds

Keep your head up in the clouds
Let your dreams roam
Say it now, say it loud
Dreams are what you call home

Fly through the forest
Dive down the sea
Your dream can reach the star farthest
Let it run free

Keep your head up in the clouds
Don’t let it come down soon
Make it real and be proud
Create colors as bright as the sun at noon

Keep on dreaming and act now
You’ll be amazed at what you can do
Go on, dream on
Do what you want to
Because the sky is never the limit

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There’s no sense in trying, we’re worlds apart

He is there while I’m here, another face in the crowd

I’ve dreamt of him, he stole my heart

A dark cloud follows me and has been my shroud

He sings his songs, I sing along

To a melody that I think is for me

But I know deep inside, it won’t be long

Until this dream ends and all I’ll see; is he who is on TV 

I’m smitten as I continue to daydream

Of him who will never know

The great love I have, the adventures I schemed

My feelings for him I will never show

Now his name is such, as such it is

A sound so lovely to hear

A name someday I’ll miss

But will not shed a tear

Although one look at him, I find my bliss

I dream again of holding him near

And I imagine a magical kiss

Broken by reality, I fear

For he is there and I am here

Just another ordinary girl, a fan

He’ll continue to sing the song I love so dear

And he will never know, of the girl who loved him so