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The Moon Alone

Clouds were about, that early morning

Dawn hasn’t even cracked yet

It was supposedly dark but a single light shone

Pale yellow it was, and so I looked up

Floating up there was the moon

It didn’t shy away behind the clouds

Alone it was but proudly it gave some light

It accompanied me that cold early morning

©Maria Michaela

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Visiting The Stars

I woke all of a sudden

But not out of a nightmare

I woke because for some reason, my body would not let me sleep


I took my dog, still sleepy he may be

Glad to have such a wonderful company.

Darkness still covers the sky,

Dawn has not even broke

I look up and see my old pals

It’s really been a while


They greet us warmly despite the cold morning

I wave “hello”, my dog barks slow

We take in the moment

Silently contemplating under the company

of our beautiful sparkling friends

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The Nightmare Before Dawn

hungry eyes pierced me

like daggers

or eagle’s talons


I bled…almost to death

but I ran

I hid

not before long they found me again


monstrous eyes

big, round and grey

ever watchful as I take each step

and run away


haunting voice I hear

whispers in my ear

“Turn around!”, it said


in the mirror I saw myself

It was I but not the me that I knew of

then I awoke shaking

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‘Til The Dawn Breaks

I stand tall, I’ll persevere – wait until the earth shatters

I stay true, I stay firm and will stand my ground

’til the dawn breaks and I see the sun’s rays

one step I move in further

the desert comes closer, drought…I feel drought

my mouth is dry but I must bear it

I will bear it, I can bear it

the wave towers over me

50 feet in height

yet nothing can drown me

nothing can stop me

I will go on, move on

and I will see the light, the rainbow after this storm

I stand tall, I’ll persevere – wait until the earth shatters

I stay true, I stay firm and will stand my ground

’til the dawn breaks

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Greeted by the Stars

I came out today for a very early walk and I looked up to the sky

I see the stars up above, twinkling so beautifully

This morning is quite lovely as there are no clouds

to hinder me from seeing the wonderful stars

I count the stars and see one, two, three

all of them looking down at me

I walk a little further with my big Labrador

Pause again for a moment and look up to the sky once more

I look a little closer and then I see

more stars are coming out to greet me

I stand there looking up still amazed by their beauty

and it seems my dog too is in awe

The silence of dawn is serene

I take a deep deep breath and feel the air

I found a spot, where I can sit

and gaze at the stars once more

They all seem so far away yet their greeting reaches me

I feel warm inside despite the cold breeze

So lovely are the stars, wonderful creation of God

and lovely as can be

More and more seem to be coming out now

To bid the world and me, a truly amazing day

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It’s not morning, yet it’s not night

It’s not midnight or midday

It’s when the stars fill the sky

And the moon greets the sun as it wakes up

For a moment they meet

And I’m caught in the middle

To my left the sleepy city

Still caught in the darkness of night

To my right the sleepy sun slowly rises

I look up and I see

The most wonderful thing

Night and day meet, hand in hand

They greet each other

What a lovely scene, what a lovely landscape

I stand there in awe

I take a deep breath and close my eyes

I feel the moment and bask in it

As dawn approaches ever cautiously