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Dare I ask for love?

Is it something I need or just want?
Is it to validate my self worth,
Or due to the pressures of society?

Most often, I must confess,
I know not what I want.
I do know I CAN live without it.

But should God give it to me just because He knows I need it,
Then let it be.

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Dare to move near

Dare to come close

Almost there but not quite yet

And then it fell short

Why did you hesitate?

Waiting was all I did

Yet you moved not closer more

Friendship, let’s start there

Then maybe we can move from there

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contemplating silence, daring the truth

vigorous humor, wonderful facts

amazing moments and tear jerking heart breaks

jaw dropping, heart pounding happiness

head aching anger….control your temper

annoying rudeness and boastfulness

blushing blushful shyness

blissfulness as an ending