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Just because you don’t see, doesn’t mean I don’t bleed

Just because I smile, doesn’t mean I’m fine

I’m covered with insecurities and every single day is a fight to stay alive

This knife, this invisible knife, it cuts deep and everyday I struggle to breathe.

-Maria Michaela-

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Cut Me Down

I stand tall before all

the bark peeling off revealing a new one

the leaves, softly they fall

I am bald

yet I grow them all back

better than ever before


I dance along with the breeze

and I house birds

keep them sheltered as they share their

songs with me


my roots are deep within the soil

I grow as I please

free from any restriction

healthy as can be

as I give out fresh, pure, clean air

alive for more than a hundred years


then one day a dark cloud came  along

and steel buildings started to rise

were my relatives of old used to be

factories as they are called

puff out poisonous smoke

I grew weak and weary and tired

……and dying


man has axe on hand

ready to strike me

“what wrong have I done to you?”, I asked

as man started to cut me down

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cut it off, wipe it clean

toss it out


chop it, mince it

whatever you do as long as

you slice it through


dice it, split it

you can even try to boil it

crush it or do a crisscross

in fact you can severe it

do as you please

just please don’t break

my heart

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Knives Home

Sharp and stinging

hurts and cuts

bruises it does not leave any

deep wound has bound me

sleepy-eyed, teary eyed

blood dripping from my fingertips

it stings, but I do not scream

The knife is sharp

shining in the light

I bandage my wound

and continue to cut the meat

ever so slowly, for the pain,

the wound, is still hurting