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The Sea Maiden 

She was lost at sea

Floating far away

She forgot what it was like, before he

Came her way
She would have drowned 

And probably preferred it

Had she not heard the call of another 

Who told her to start over 

Tears For Aleppo

I worry of what to wear

Yet there is a side in the world, somewhere 

Where they worry for their lives.
I listen to music,

They listen to bombings

Nowhere is safe

My heart breaks.
I watch the news

They watch their loved ones die

For them I cry

And pray for their sake.
I  shed tears and share a prayer

For Aleppo

I heard the moon cry

So I sang a lullaby
I sang of its beauty
With much sincerity

It sobbed and stopped crying
A moment of silence was hanging
I smiled at it feeling contented
Knowing its misery has now ended

Maria Michaela

A Tear For You

I cried for no reason
And I wondered why

A tear upon my cheek
Fell from my eye

I scratched my head
And wondred for a clue

I then realized
That I missed you

Maria Michaela

Crying Sun

Have you seen the sun cry?

Raining hot and melting down, close to the point of breaking
It cried but no one heard
We heard, but it was too late

Maria Michaela



For no reason

For whatever reason

For any reason

And for every reason

At any time

Of any day

Or any hour

Until such time

There is nothing more to cry about

Because I’m A Faker

I wear a fake smile

Pretend to be happy

Deep inside though

I’m breaking

I wear this mask so people can’t see

Because I don’t want their pity


I’m miserable inside

And they will never know

But something’s got to give

Something’s got to break


I promised I will cry no more

But crying helps

A momentary paralysis of the pain

I let it all out

I let it drown me

Because I want to let go of you


I’ll continue to pretend

Only because I’ve been addicted to faking it

You see, I don’t mind pretending to be happy

Because it’s better than you seeing me cry

A Movie

I wept hard and felt the words

But it was just a movie


I was moved and felt it all

But it was just a movie


I told myself not to cry

But I wept hard

As if I were the character there

Though it was just a movie


The words spoken seeped through my heart

They were real and true

Even though it was a just a movie


I guess after all

It may not have been just a movie

I Am Saved

I am broken, because of my own doing

and not doing what I could have

I cry silently as it is whispered to the wind

No one hears my call

except for the one all mighty

He extended his hands and carried me through

never letting me go

All the worries have escaped me

for now, He has saved me

The Day The Sun Wept

weeping sun from whence you came ; you came forth, came down and left this world maim

held to your bosom, the Earth crackled and creaked but you kept silent and did not speak

sunlight warm now colder than ice ; I called out to you not once or twice but thrice

you shrugged and turned away, melting through feeling the betray

the secrets you kept shattered glasses bleed ; that’s what you get in return for their greed

seek comfort from the rain, shelter from the grey clouds then look back and see me wrapped in shrouds

you left us with a dying breath hot air on winter’s last days of death

come back and shine bright once more, shake it lose and bury ‘neath the core

your return I will await ’til you come out from this state

the sky will be for now darkened once you’re back there, we will all awaken

Don Charisma

because anything is possible with Charisma

unbolt me

the literary asylum

Rishita Sanya

What has to happen will happen...

Dr. Eric Perry, PhD

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