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A smile so natural, you don’t know what it does to me.

Hoping someday you’ll see

That you and I could become “we”

Or “us”

That would be a plus!

There’s nothing else to discuss.

I hope to me, you’d be interested

Because with myself, I am infuriated

As I can’t keep straight the things I’ve stated

I am much too infatuated

with you.

©Maria Michaela

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When I was Younger

I was young, well younger then

A girl of eleven years and pig tails

I remember it clearly even if it was back when

The world at my hands, nothing fails
And he, he was a friend of mine

Why I had a crush on him is beyond me

But at that time, he was my sunshine 

And it was crazy of me
But oh! That was years ago

And yet it would seem

He’s the one that got away

The one that I would have wanted to stay

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Oh hello world!

Hello world, how are you?

I’ve been keeping you from a distance

Been looking from the outside

Many beautiful things you offer

But some of my kind doesn’t bother.
They fight, they bicker

Back stab one another

It is no wonder

Why you cry floods of water

You try to cleanse yourself of us

Seeing we’re the impurities.
Hello world. Is it too late for me to say how lovely you are?

How precious you are

How grateful should all of us be.

Hello world…..

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A New He, The Same Me

I can’t rhyme
There’s no time
I’m back to this old tune

Same me, new someone
I’ll lose myself and be gone
Am I going to do the same song?

I shake it off, I try not to think of it
I’ve already lost myself a bit
Take it easy, take it slow
Don’t be in a hurry to go

Find yourself first
For he will find you after

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Her Feelings

She sat there
She saw him
He saw her
She felt nothing

He came near
He said “hi”
She was surprised he knew her name
Surprised he still remembered her
She felt shy

Many years passed he didn’t forget her
Said he saw pictures of her
She didn’t know what to say
She felt awkward

He kept stealing looks at her
She noticed
She put it off, it was nothing
She was just over her head
He wanted to talk to her

She got dressed
He left for the event
She wished he got to see her first
She looked beautiful
She wanted him to say it

They saw each other again
He came to her
She spoke first
He smiled
He might have been amazed at how she looked
She felt butterflies

She wanted to say something more
And so did he
But there were other guests
So they moved a bit away from each other
He wanted to talk to her some more
Spend more time with her
She felt happy they spoke

A list!
Were they partners?
Sadly not
Her partner was fun
But she wanted it to be him
He noticed they had a good laugh
He looked back at them
She pretended not to notice
He was jealous?
Maybe…just a little

The ceremony went on
He was here and there
They never got to chat again
She wanted to
Maybe him as well?

He sang songs
He sang well
His sister was now married
Her bestfriend was now married
But they never got to chat again

Will they see each other again?
When? Definitely not soon
He sang, the last song she heard him sing
She wished he sang it for her
And maybe…just maybe, he did
But sure, oh for sure!
What she felt wasn’t nothing

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Are You The Ultimate?

It’s been a while
I haven’t seen you for so long
All of a sudden I dream of you
Everything was vaguely familiar
You had the smile just like in high school
I was in awe
Just like before
Yet you felt very comforting
I loved that about you

Then I woke
Left wondering
If you might be the ultimate crush
The destined
The one

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He’s Into Him

I wished on a falling star
To keep my distance and his not too far
I wished he’d notice me
Despite the many fish in the sea
I wished he’d know
What I feel is true
But all of this is just a wish
Because I am just a friend of his
And if he were to do something at a whim
He wouldn’t choose me over him

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Mr. Warning

You came without a warning
Turned summer my winter evening
You saved me from this ruin of the forsaken
Yes! You brought back daylight my Mr. Warning

But why? Why did we have to reach an ending?
When we barely started our beginning
What would I do without you as my morning?
Tell me, my Mr. Warning

I will hold dear those memories of loving
To stop my heart from aching
You were the clarity of this otherwise world that’s confusing
Yes you, you could have been the one my Mr. Warning