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We Crossed

I am nowhere and so are you

My thoughts are everywhere but not on you

We crossed paths but never looked or saw each other

A glance

But not truly seeing

You ponder but not about me

Our sights crossed

And then we looked away at the possibility

Of us

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Crossing The Thin Line

There is a thin line between moving on and holding on

It is never easy trying to pick up the pieces when there’s so many

You think logically but

Somewhere deep down your hypothalamus refuses to believe it

The important thing is you tried

Do not pressure yourself for not moving on fast enough

Healing takes time

Just allow yourself to breathe

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Cross My Heart

I did not take it, I swear

You can check my pockets

My hands, even behind my ears

You can check under the table or the light sockets

I did not take it, I tell you


You can check under the stairs

Or even on my bed

Try near the chairs

Or even the shed

You won’t see it on me ’cause I didn’t take it


I did not take the cookie from the cookie jar

I swear, cross my heart

I found it on the plate

And now it’s in my stomach

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Cross My Heart

I can’t promise I won’t hurt you

I can’t promise I won’t lie

I won’t say you’ll never be blue

or that you’ll never cry

I can’t promise you forever

as I won’t live that long

But I’ll promise you a lifetime

full of meaning, full of rhyme

I can’t do everything you ask

though I’ll try to do the household task

One thing I can promise though

despite my imperfections

Is that I’ll love you and that it’ll always be true

this I promise, cross my heart

and you’ll never hear any objections