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I’ve never seen stars this many

Makes me feel I’m in outer space

In awe I was at the beauty

at the magnificence of God’s creation


I held my breath for the longest time….

….it seems

For the brilliant painting above me sparkled

Filling the black canvas like never before


My dog on leash seemed to feel it too

For he sat and looked up

The stars may have spoken to him in some way

For he stayed quiet for the longest time


On the grass we sat

were the dew had not touch yet

Listening to the crickets

Apparently admiring the stars too


We were like this, my dog and I

Speechless until the sun slowly rose

As if awoken from a deep sleep

He and I then went home,

For tomorrow we shall be speechless once more

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I Bow

I bow to the moon, the sun and the stars

To the sky, the clouds and the heavens


I bow to the rivers, the sea and the mighty ocean

To the rain and the lightning and the thunderstorms


To the creatures that fly, to the ones that crawl

to the ones we misunderstand and the ones yet unknown


All of these majestic things created by God

I bow to them all