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Counting Love

One, two, three

I’m hoping you’ll love me

Four, five, six

I need your loving fix

Seven, eight, nine

I pray you will be mine

Counting until ten

Wondering if you’ll love me, and when

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Counting Sheep

I was lying outside, staring into space

counting stars while in search of falling stars to wish upon

when all of a sudden sheeps floated by


One, two, three, four

they started coming in pairs

one black, one white

one small, one big

one skinny, one lumpy


Some jumped, some skipped

or hopped

singing Baa Baa Black Sheep

and a Baa ram ewe


Soon the sheeps were falling one by one

my thoughts swirled

my head spun

the sky went dark


Something wet upon my cheek

I realized I was drooling

I opened my eyes, the stars up above

I guess I fell asleep

because of those silly, silly sheeps

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Just Counting

One, two, three, four

I get up and shut the door

Five, six, seven, eight

today I’m not thinking straight

Nine, ten, eleven, twelve

I think I need to clean the shelves

Thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen

should not have too much caffeine

Seventeen, eighteen, nineteen and twenty

I should stop now before I get to seventy