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Long Distance Cosmic Love

I close my eyes and dream of stars
Waiting for him to come back from Mars
Cosmic love can take its toll
It’s not easy after all
He is there, far away
While in some galaxy I lay
I reach out my hand hoping he would take it
But he’s too far and my heart knows it
When will time and space favor us?
May his spaceship pass wormholes to try and link us

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one floor down, one step higher

close to being one and far away from fears

a galaxy so wide; lost in translation

the cosmic plays a major role

unnoticed, unsure, unclear; the frustration builds up

throat is sore; mouth is mum

tumbling down into the abyss

a black hole or the bottomless pit

eyes wide shut; deafening sound of uncertainty

up and about, one thing from the other

pictures of a perfect day covered by a dark cloud

time goes on reverse; backwards it goes

should have given it a second thought

but then again….

the leaves have turned from brown to green

darkened by the thunder-clouds

tulips sprung from the lily pads

to the left or to the right

running around in circles

the rain pours from the sunny sky

what day is it today?